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Commercial window cleaning - Leicester, Nottingham, Coventry and Derby

High Shine Ltd uses the latest window cleaning technology that gives better result delivered in total safety and environmentally friendly. Companies that choose High Shine Ltd with itís Reach & Wash Cleaning System choose us for mainly three reasons:


Better cleaning results

100% pure water made by the system produces cleaning results that are second to none. The absence of detergent means no sticky residues ar left, therefore windows do not soil as quickly; windows stay cleaner... longer!


Simply the safest way

The Health & Safety legislation does not hamper itís use in any way. All operators are trained by the British Window Cleaning Academy and we are members of The National Federation of Window Cleaners since 1999

Using this system means ladders and high access equipment can be eliminated, reducing costs whilst ensuring safety. Enjoy the assurance that comes from knowing that some accidents simply canít happen!


Environmentally sound

No detergents and chemicals helps your business to operate freely and in compliance with EU regulations. Organisations whose practices are environmentally sound are prospered by such legislation.

A quality service that puts safety first!
Slash your costs by consolidating your window and office cleaning with High Shine. Even more savings can be made when including your washroom supply requirements!

Pure water cleaning
Environmentally friendly
High reach water fed pole for safety

Office Cleaning Services Leicester Nottingham Coventry Derby and Commercial window cleaning service

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High Shine Window Cleaning Services operates centrally in the East Midlands area. If you are looking for a window cleaning service provider or an office cleaning service that takes safety and quality seriously, then you will have made the right choice in High Shine. For all your cleaning needs please contact us using the numbers above or through our website enquiry form.